RY 818 DELIVERY STAR                                        Click on here to check sizes available RY 818

Optimizes mileage and minimizes uneven wear

  • Flat contour with uniform contact pressure
  • Increased contact area delivers superior handling
  • High­mileage performance
  • Long life compound

Wet performance

  • Tread pattern for superb drainage performance
  • Excellent aquaplaning performance provided by three wide grooves, even after long mileage
  • High­grip compound for wet conditions

Click on here to check sizes available RY 55

The BluEarth-Van RY55 is Yokohama’s new fuel-efficient tire for vans providing the perfect combination of wear resistance, wet grip, and fuel efficiency.

Wear resistance and wet grip performance have been enhanced by the development of a special tread pattern along with a revised profile that optimizes surface contact and pressure. The new compound includes triple polymer to boost the tire’s durability and resistance to uneven wear and silica to enhance fuel efficiency and wet grip performance.