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Q8 Formula Excel Diesel 5W-40
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Q8 Formula Excel Diesel 5W-40

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Superior Diesel Performance Synthetic Engine Oil

• High performance synthetic engine oil for passenger cars and vans with normally aspirated or turbochargeddiesel engines.
• Specially recommended for high performance diesel engines and direct injection diesel engines.
API CFMB 229.3VW 505.00
GM LL-025B
Renault RN 0700, RN 0710
PSA B71 2296
BMW Longlife-01
Recommended for VW 505.01

• Synthetic year round engine lubricant
• Contains friction reducing components
• Excellent protection after cold starting
• Reduces fuel consumption
• Offers high oil film strength and thus limiting engine wear
• Excellent engine performance at different driving conditions
• Good protection against rust and corrosion
• Low volatility by use of synthetic base oils provides minimized oil consumption
• Reduced environmental impact
• Excellent soot control

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Where to find us?

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